RED HEAD MAN is the ancestor of the tribe. Established in 1999 in tandem with a mail-order selling list, the label belonged to no specific area. Nor does it yet. Except that since 2005 vinyl records have been being published under other horizons. It is necessary to note that the most important speciality of this label is most certainly not musical (although most of the productions are ska or almost), no, the most important speciality of this label is… coproduction !

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released in april 2014 limited to 500 copies en co-production with TSF
ref catalogue : rhm017.
LP - THE BRANLARIANS - The first and may be the only
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released in january 2014 limited to 500 copies en co-production with Mass prod, Fraggle Rock, Maloka, La sauce DTC, Casual records
ref catalogue : rhm016.
LP LOS AGGROTONES - Ten Reggae shots
released in january 2014 limited to 500 copies en co-production with Insurgence (Canada)
ref catalogue : rhm015.
LP DEATH OR GLORY - Can't stop me
Well, well, there was no way we could refrain from taking part in this new project elaborated by our fellow Rennes citizens. We'll agree that this one doesn't trod the same path as our previous co-productions. Yet, I must admit that the latest genuine punk rock album by Skuds And Panic had me falling on my ass, struck that I was by its spontaneous power ! As soon as that new recording was announced, I had no choice but get onboard. Now I have to say that I'm far from disappointed : this trio still churns out the same rage and energy in an album which echoes The Clash's riffs and The Dead 60's lyrical power surge. (Not a bad thing, eh ?)
Released in march 2013 limited to 500 copies in co-producton with Skuds Prod, General Strike, Rudy's Back, Appel aux Luttes, Entre Chiens et Loups
ref catalogue : rhm014.
LP SOWETO - You Give Me Fever
This first album would make feel quite a few well-seasoned groups ashamed, despite their many years of composing, rehearsing and stage performances. Soweto's original effort is like a real goldmine, filled to the brim with traditional ska and rocksteady hits. Each instrument is properly laid and provides an exciting backdrop for razor-sharp vocals and top-notch harmonies. It must be said that, from this start, our Catalonians invited none other than Mr. T-Bone (Italian trombone supremo) and BB Seaton (founding member of the legendary Jamaican trio The Gaylads) for their cover of My Jamaïcan Girl,one of the gems initially recorded by BB's group. When I first heard it, that album litterally gave me a fever and I now feel mighty proud of being involved in its release on vinyl format – though we first got involved in their second LP !
Released in april 2013 and limited to 500 copies in co-production with Brixton Records
ref catalogue : rhm013.
10' CREVE COEUR - L'aube se lève toujours
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Released in september 2011, limited to 500 copies. co-production with General Strike, Rudy's Back, Maloka et Solitude Urbaine
ref catalogue : rhm012.
It took me three years to digest their gem of a debut album. Soweto is now back with a second opus which sounds fuller and rootsier yet. These tracks are more firmly grounded in authentic ska, even though the harmonies still highlight their bouncy melodies. Like on the previous album, they managed to invite another living legend from Jamaica : Derrick Morgan himself delivers a new version of his own classic Around the Corner. This kind of masterful sounds is just the perfect blend when it comes to winning music Philistines over. It almost took us one year to release this vinyl version co-produced with Brixton Records, but RedHeadMan's involvement in this project now makes us mighty proud.
Released in april 2012 and limited to 500 copies in co-production with Brixton Records
ref catalogue : rhm011.
(Return from the moon)
A New Nay (Return from the moon) It had been a long time since RHM had actually stepped out from the back-room to go into publishing. It is with great pleasure that he took over from DRAKKAR to produce the digipack of a complete album (14 titles) of the LORD THE BOVVER BOYS’ successors. The lads and lassies masterfully fulfil their mission. The duets between Myr and Lord are totally intoxicating and inevitably lead us to the ceaseless call of the Mummy, indeed they announce to all and sundry that : Yes, they’re leaving !
Release december 2006 - 1000 copies
Ref catalogue : rhm010.
10' LA CLINIK DU DR SCHUTZ - Rock & Roll de proximité volume 1
On this production, the master of work was also the coproducer, Petrez Gramophon. But what pleasure it was to participate in this kind of adventure with an old veteran of French Rock’n Roll such as THE Schultz from Parabellum! Nine standards of jazz, 60’s rock, punk, reggae and ska revisited in a rock fashion. For a memorable result. And for once, it’s actually the vinyl which preceeds the CD release. According to unofficial sources, a second volume should be on its way.
CD released by Patate Records
500 copies released in April 2005, in coproduction with Petrez Gramophon
Ref catalogue : rhm008.
THE big revelation of 2004 Dance Ska La edition. A shooting star in the French ska scene with a clever mixture of skinhead reggae, ska, soul and even a pinch of funk. An assured male voice offers a contrast with the pleaide of charming young ladies which so often delight our ears. A ground perfectly covered by the Rennes people, Banana publishing the CD version, RHM keeping for himself the best cuts ;-)
CD released by Banana Juice
500 copies released in February 2005
Ref catalogue : rhm009.
To cut short the questions, let’s say at once that John James and the Soulmakers is a bit like Dave Straps without the Radiatorettes but with a Dje who swaps his drum kit for a microphone. As a result, the major influence which strikes the spirit is not any more Millie Small but both Jackie Mitoo and Toots. The combo is becoming big enough for its boots, making an even progress.

1000 copies released in June 2004

Ref catalogue : rhm008.
We were really glad to propose this third album of the Western Specials. On one hand because the Reims crowd is always of a matchless kindness and because on the other hand with this album they have reached a musical maturity which matches the on-scene performances they’ve given for years and it puts them among the best European groups.
500 copies released in September 2003
Ref catalogue : rhm006 - sold out.
EP LES PARTISANS - Le spectre dance encore
It’s a big honour for Lean on Me and RHM that the pillars of the activist punk / ska / rock that The Partisans used to be ask us to bring out their farewell 45 rpm. We went to a great deal of trouble to get the quantity of titles right. A bizarre feeling at the same time full of pride and sadness.

800 numbered copies released in May 2002, in coproduction with Lean On Me Lean On Me !
Ref catalogue : rhm005 - sold out.
Naturally, Dave Straps and the Radiators being from Rennes, it was only normal that their first record should be released by a Rennes label. Especially since the history of this group is already very long and punctuated with numerous changes of line up which slightly hampered its progress. But there, after a failed EP (test pressings were nevertheless made), the effort is a masterstroke. A rare assurance, original compositions and dubs that alternate, the titles including varied accents and multiple voices going from the US like crooner to Millie Small ... Breton version.

1000 copies released in March 2002
Ref catalogue : rhm004 – sold out.
LP ASPO - In the web of love
This LP really gave us great difficulty. Lean On Me, LoPanier and Red Head Man had dreamed about the CD version of this second album of the ASPO, it almost turned into a nightmare. First of all, the selection of the titles was a real torture. Indeed, the CD version containing 14 titles and over 65 minutes of music, we had to remove 4 titles and retain only the maximum 50 minutes accepted on a vinyl support
CD released by Patate Records
500 copies released in June 2001,
cin coproduction with LoPanier and Lean On Me !
Ref catalogue : rhm003 - sold out.
LP WESTERN SPECIAL - Hot Jamïcan Mixture
This LP is typically born from an agreement and a total cohesion between Western Special, LoPanier and Red Head Man. They’ve known each other for quite a long time and their roads have already crossed on multiple occasions. This record is the perfect example of what the label wishes to continue to produce, that is to say non expensive records that reward those who make them us much as those who listen to them.

400 copies released in December 2000. In coproduction with LoPanier .
Ref catalogue : rhm002 - sold out.

This record is the fruit of inclinations and passion. The inclination of Orange Street to take up with a tradition which had slightly got lost in France of publishing 45 rpm records and putting instrumental versions on side B just like their illustrious Jamaican idols. The desire not to stop along the way and give a follow up to the 1999 Dance Ska La. The desire for the managers of Lean On Me! And of Red Head Man to bring about a first concerted action, with sincere links and a common vision of activist and disinterested production and distribution.

500 copies released in November 2000 in coproduction with Lean On Me ! erschienen
Ref catalogue : rhm001 - sold out.

CD DANCE SKA LA 1999 - v/a
In coproduction with Banana Juice
First live compilation of Ska in France. 19 titles of French ska groups from every horizon (traditional ska, reggae, punk ska and skacore). Here you can find Orange Street, 100 Grammes de Tête, Viking's Remedy, Western Special, Les Kargols and Protex Blue.

1000 copies released in January 2000
Ref catalogue : dsl05 - sold out.

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