JEWELS is uniquely dedicated to the publication of usually rare vinyl singles of ska and rocksteady music. A real Jamaican style label with quality and reliability, a mythomaniac name and a design surreptitiously kitsch. Right now, this label is tiny, winy but it has massive ambitions.

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EP CALTONETTES SERENADE - That's Why I Love You/All That I Need
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june 2015 : 500 copies
ref catalogue : jwl018
sample A-Side : That's Why I Love You
EP ACKEE & SALTFISH - Don't Be cruel/Two woman's place
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may 2015 : 500 copies
ref catalogue : jwl017
sample A-Side : Don't Be Cruel
EP LOS HAMPTONS - Dream of you/Alpha Jerk
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june 2014 : 500 copies
ref catalogue : jwl016
sample A-Side : Born to lose
EP SMOOTH BEANS - Turn The coin/Turn the sax
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june 2014 : 500 copies
ref catalogue : jwl015
sample B-Side : Turn the Sax
en vidéo
EP SOWETO - Dream of you/Alpha Jerk
SOWETO is undoubtedly THE European band who could challenge the current Skatalites lineup any time, in so far as they are able to duplicate the original ska formula to perfection. This is exactly what Alpha Jerk is all about : this instrumental doesn’t have much to do with jerk music but is a bonafide tribute to the Alpha Boys School’s famous pupils. On the A side, their singer Uri comes to the fore again to deliver Dream of you in a wonderful velvety voice. For a change, the group gets deep into a rocksteady mood in the sweetest way, including discreet albeit very effective backing vocals. This is just the right spell if you ever feel like chatting up someone - man or woman alike !

jully 2013 : 500 copies
ref catalogue : jwl014
sample A-Side : Dream of you
We are not leaving the vast hispanic world with the third Clashed Jewels 7 inch but we now cross the Atlantic Ocean to meet LOS AGGROTONES again for a new version of Sombras renamed Carl Levy's Mood. As usual, their new slice of instrumental Early-Reggae is chock full of imaginative gimmicks, the kind which will make you dance till the end of the party. Our favourite Argentinians share this record with GIGANTES MAGNETICOS, their twin group from Buenos Aires. These Magnetic Giants are the perfect match when it comes to quality and imagination. Troublemaker is a gem which has its roots in rocksteady and soulful original reggae à la Ethiopians. The vocals are shared by a melodic singer and a deejaywhowill have quite a few rasta people bawling for more! ;).

jully 2013 : 500 copies
ref catalogue : jwls03
sample A-Side : Troublemakers
EP BOSS CAPONE - Do the fatwalk/Who the Boss
Eh eh, big surprise with these tunes which really pack a wallop: if you don’t know this new Dutch outfit, get to know! Let’s spill the beans immediately and let the truth come to light ! This project was shrouded in mystery but let’s now reveal that its originator is none other than Boss, the tall guitarist from The Upsessions. Needless to say that it does tell a lot about the quality of these recordings : the first one has a strong early reggae vibe which shares all the trademarks of the aforementioned group, while the other side is a sort of boogaloo mixed with other groovy vibes. The very kind of tunes any dj – well-learned or apprentice – needs for his box to work dancers at allnighters : DO THE FATWALK ! This is just the perfect formula for triggering new dance contests at their forthcoming shows : you won’t want to miss them, I tell you !

may 2013 : 500 copies
ref catalogue : jwl013
sample A-Side : Do The Fatwalk ou en vidéo
EP KINKY COO COO'S/THE OLDIANS - Keep it up/The Mighty thumb
How can you resist this new offering, once again coming from Spain ? This time we welcome aboard the prolific KINKY COO COO'S - alongside their brother band THE OLDIANS. The latter were originally just a studio project but chances are that they will soon grace the stages with this little gem. The Kinkys deliver a sweet little rocksteady ditty featuring a female singer who can easily meet the standards set by their local fellow band The Pepper Pots. On the B-side, you will find The Mighty Thumb, a traditional ska instrumental with ska-jazz undertones... but not too many, if you get my drift ! You know the boss 's reluctance, don't you ?.

january 2012 : 500 copies
ref catalogue : jwls02
sample A-Side : Keep it up
EP LOS AGGROTONES - Victoria line/Cero
Watcha man ! For the very first time, Jewels sets foot on South American soil. Meeting us there is one of the best early reggae groups – and what a warm reception this is, with two brand new unreleased tunes especially recorded for the occasion ! On the first one, you will take the train to... London's own Victoria Line ! Are you ready for the trip ? Once those two instrumentals have rocked you properly, their first album will be your next stop to Reggae City.

january 2012 : 500 copies
ref catalogue : jwl012
sample A-Side : Victoria line
EP JIM MURPLE MEMORIAL - My kind of girl/Someting stupid
The eleventh Jewels release was recorded by none other than Paris 's own « great old-timers of Jamaican rhythm'n'blues ». For the occasion, the JIM MURPLE MEMORIAL stick to the formula which made them a household name, by delivering two standards from the classic US rhythm'n'blues repertoire dipped in Jamaican hot pepper sauce with a strong 60's flavour. Those in-the-know will recognise a furious version of My Kind of Girl on the A-side, while the B-side features the world-famous Slightly Stupid, once made popular by Frank Sinatra in the nineteen-sixties.

december 2011 : 500 copies
ref catalogue : jwl011
sample B-Side : Something stupid
Leading our own way, Jewels now has a new release on offer with this split single.
It features RED SOUL COMMUNITY, the other early reggae group from Granada, Spain. This time, they treat us with an unreleased smooth soul-flavoured version of their Rest of You, mixed by none other than the pope of NYC 's ska and dub scene, King Django himself.
THE HYPOCONDRIACSare another band from Spain who may keep a low profile but ooze talent to boot on Horny, one of the gems off their self-produced album. This early reggae tune was mixed by Dr Jau, an up and coming star from the other side of the Pyrenean mountains.

june 2011 : 500 copies
ref catalogue : jwls01
EP KING PEPE & HIS CALYPSO COMBO - Just one ticket/ Pig knucle and rice
Come one come all ! Now is the time for a new foray into the world of calypso and mento music. To say that our encounter with this trio was a sheer stroke of luck ! By chance, we got to hear them at a local event on Music Day. Yes, this group is from my hometown. Missing out on them would have been a real pity, right ? Armed with a saxophone, a flute, a double-bass and a ukulele, this trio delivers their own tunes and covers in the genuine calypso tradition : steamy, hot and swinging ! One could easily believe that the A-side covers a classic, but it is their own. The B-side is a standard whose authors have so far remained unknown to us.

january 2011 : 500 copies
ref catalogue : jwl010
Sample A-side : Just one ticket
EP THE BRANLARIANS - High grow/ Derrick's song
What ? Jewels is a Ska and Rocksteady label ?! So what ? Shouldn't Early reggae be part of the family ? Here are the people from the Gers who are continuing their musical survey with their first single. A composition on side A, an instrumental as rough as expected , a heady rythm which will set fire to the end of the parties. A most amsuing side B, that our german friends will listen to admiringly since it's about a national idol : Inspector Derrick...

Release november 2010 - 500 copies
Ref catalogue : jwl009
Sample A-Side : High grow
EP SAINT PETERSBURG SKA JAZZ REVIEW - Night on The Bus/Policy of Truth
We continue the label walk with a jewel coming from East, and an inovation : a ska-jazz band. Don't worry, the chosen pieces are instrumentals with a lot of brass, tending more towards trad ska than towards jazz. A composition and a cover (Policy of truth) ... amazing. I let you look for the original version. The SPSJR have made a real goldsmith work to disguise this reference.
more info

Release november 2010 - 500 copies
Ref catalogue : jwl008
Sample A-Side : Night on the bus
EP THE LOVEBOATS - Swing your belly/Man of Wisdom
Seventh single from Jewels and first mistake on the sticker! No the title written on the B-side label is not Pacific princess but in fact Man of Wisdom - the result of unfortunate circumstances. However, this should not stop you from enjoying this second single from the Loveboats (the first one was released by Grover). Suave and melodic, there is something from Mento in their sound, especially on this famous B-side. In any case, Swing your Belly should make you dance hard.

Release november 2009 - 500 copies
Ref catalogue : jwl007
Sample A-Side : Swing your Belly
EP THE PEPPER POTS - I am in Love/The King of the Street
The contact had been so good with the rising stars of spanish Ska during Dance Ska La 2008, that it was simply not possible not to release anything from them that year. But no luck, as "Shake it !" had just been released, there was nothing left ! Luckily our Japanese friends are so jealous of the titles released in their country that it is almost impossible to find any of them in Europe. Therefore it was too good to miss an opportunity not to release in Europe the repeat of I am In love from The Techniques. Thanks to the three singers, this Rocksteady title has stronger Ska touches. On the B side, King Of The Street, from the album "Swing and sixteen" should also make you swing on the dancefloor.

Release march 2008 - 500 copies - sold out
Ref catalogue : jwl006
Sample A-Side :
EP GO JIMMY GO - Mama Bird/Pretending
Strange genesis for the EP of this Hawaiian band that Red Head Man has been following for quite a while now. The concert plan of Sunday afternoon is abandoned but the EP stays and finally everybody's happy. The pieces are chosen from the third album of the band,"Soul Arrival", which has hardly been distributed in Europe with absolutely no vinyl version. On the A-Side, Mama Bird is a current traditional Ska, whereas the B-Side seems to follow more Rocksteady rythms, particularly with Predendingw..

Release march 2008 - 500 copies.
Ref catalogue : jwl005
Sample A-Side : Mama Bird
EP ASPO - Artibella/Hard Time
A long story between the Ska group from Bordeaux and the RED HEAD MAN family. 6 years after the vynil version of their second album, "In The Web Of Love", ASPO present us two superb repeats from the Jamaican sound: Artibella from Ken Boothe and Hard Time from Carl Dawkins. Both titles sang with the hottest and most powerful voice of French Ska, i.e. Perrine, during one of her latest appearance with ASPO.

Release september 2007 - 500 copies - last copies
Ref catalogue : jwl004
Sample A-Side : Artibella
I Presume/Dance Like a Wide Man
The "Neine Ton" were a big sensation during the Dance Ska La festival in January 2006. Before this, the almost same people played in "The Great Googa Mongas". It is a title from this band, new and revisited by the 9TPS, that is engraved on the A-Side, an instrument Ska from the 60s which is dynamic and brassy. Now on the B-Side there is also a new piece especially composed, which is calmer and that integrates some Mento tones.

Release september 2006 - 500 copies - last copies
Ref catalogue : jwl003
Sample B-Side : Dance like a wide man
EP B SOUL ALLSTARS - My Best Girl/The One to Blame
(Tribute to John Holt)
With this second release, we are back East whilst still in France as it is the B-Soul Allstars from Savoie that are taking over. A very soft single that brings back to date the Reggae Lovers with two repeats from the one and only Jamaican master of that style : John Holt.

Release april 2006 - 500 copies - sold out
Ref catalogue : jwl002
Sample A-Side : My best girl
EP SKA D LITE - Sweet Madonna/Friday Payday
First release from Jewels and first for the redheadman crew outside of France. On the A-Side, Sweet Madonna, very soft, close to a rocksteady style and on the B-Side, Friday payday, a very traditional but much more dynamic piece that should make you dance.

Release february 2006 - 500 copies - last copies
Ref catalogue : jwl001
Sample A-Side : Sweet Madonna


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